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WITH 300,000 MNEAV

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If you received a Genesis Address with 300,000 MNEAV from the AVALANCHE airdrop, You can upgrade your address to start mining.

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When you activate your Genesis Address to Level 2 or Level 3 the Smart Contract Self Mining Process starts

with Level 2 you can
  • Start Self-Mining
  • Optionally Set your Genesis Address for sale at the price you wish
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with Level 3 you can
  • Start Self-Mining
  • Optionally Set your Genesis Address for sale at the price you wish
  • Transfer your mined coins
  • You can upgrade first to Level 2 and later to Level 3 in any point of time in the furure
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If you don't own a Genesis Address you can buy them in the Minereum AVALANCHE Web3 Genesis Address DEX Platform, all purchased Genesis Addresses in the DEX platform will be automatically converted to Level 3

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To mine Minereum there is No mining Equipment required, no hashrate, no electricity costs, no need to be online, no complications! Your coins are mined by a mathematical formula at a fixed rate of 0.0001 MNEAV per AVALANCHE block. The AVALANCHE Miners do all the work for you.

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There are about 40000 AVALANCHE blocks mined per day, you receive per Genesis Address about 4 MNEAV per day

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Your coins will be mined for 2,989,160,839 Avalanche Network Blocks

You can always get more Genesis Addresses in the Minereum AVALANCHE Web3 Platform Genesis Address Trading, the more Genesis Addresses you have, the more you mine!

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Comparing Minereum AVALANCHE Self-Mining with other Mining coins

Bitcoin, Ethereum and others
  • You have huge costs to buy Mining equipment
  • Your mining equipment will mine less and less over time
  • Your mining equipment will decrease in value fast over time
  • You have Electricity costs to mine
  • You have to be online 24 hours
  • You are not sure how many coins you will mine
  • Duration of relevance of Mining equipment: few weeks/months
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  • Little costs: ONE TIME FEE of 4 AVAX to start mining (Level 2)
  • No mining equipment
  • Transfer your mined coins
  • No electricity costs
  • No need to be online
  • You are always sure how many coins you will mine
  • All the upgrade fees are distributed to the Fee Share Holders.
    Anyone can become a Fee Share Holder!
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